About Us

At HealthStar Home Health, we serve individuals and health care professionals in a number of cities in Minnesota, including the Duluth area, Arizona, and New Mexico. Our home health professionals provide unparalleled public health care services through stewardship, honor-driven values, and a genuine desire to serve. Our clients benefit from the range of healthcare services that we provide, from Alzheimer’s and dementia care, to behavioral nursing, home health care nursing, respite care and more. We are a culturally sensitive healthcare team that provides services to individuals who are traditionally underserved.

Community-Based Care

Community-based care is the hallmark of our work. Our community-based approach to reducing health disparities is based on the premise that the causes of poor health include factors related to the social, economic and physical environment of a community. We believe that developing social capital contributes to better health, and that empowering people builds stronger communities. The way in which we work enables us to build long lasting relationships with members of the community, and these relationships allow us to participate in local causes, activities and events.

Our Values

Servant Leadership
As stewards of our resources, we lead by empowering ourselves and others to fulfill our mission through service, with compassion, humility and respect.

We are compassionate in our relationships, ensuring that we understand the needs of others and view them through their unique perspective.

We exist to serve others, selfless in our concern for the welfare and well-being of others.

We are trustworthy and honest in our motivations, words and actions, unwavering in our commitment to a high moral and ethical standard.