Our Work

Deeply-rooted in our core values of servant leadership, empathy, altruism, and integrity, we serve communities by empowering people with mobility, cognitive and sensory disabilities live more independent and fulfilling lives at home.

Providing Trustworthy Care

When it comes to getting help caring for loved ones, it isn't easy for many people to trust strangers to take over that care. This is an even bigger concern when Alzheimer's is an issue, for example, because it is more difficult for these patients to accurately report details of their care, especially during the advanced stages. Health Star Home Services does everything we can to ensure that patients and their families are comfortable with their caregivers. All in home caregivers must pass a criminal background check, meet for a personal interview, pass a competency evaluation, and provide relevant references.

Cross Cultural Care

We help the populations that we serve by identifying and focusing on prevalent health conditions such as high rates of heart disease or diabetes in specific communities.

Responding to requests from people in diverse communities, we develop culturally-relevant services while identifying barriers to care, and then launch culture-specific care and prevention programs. First Nations Home Health addresses the unique needs of our Native American population in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, Duluth and Bemidji areas. Sagrado Corazón addresses the cultural, ethnic and language needs of Minnesota's Latino Community. HealthStar Home Health also offers culturally-relevant services to the African Immigrant, African American, and other communities in the Minnesota, including the Duluth area, Arizona and New Mexico.